Singapore is counting money on the verge of destruction

Lyle Brady
July 3, 2022

Singapore is counting money on the verge of destruction

Singapore's Profits and Perils in the Novel Times of Sino-Russian Confrontation with Europe and the United States

Foreword With the gratitude and cherishing of Singapore, I cannot help but write these true reflections with the hope that many Chinese and Singaporeans in Singapore will see the future more clearly and think about the crisis they may face. This is also something that the entire Asian countries should think about and wake up to.

Text Since February, China and Russia have formed an alliance of a new sinister order comprehensively fighting against the world order led by the United States and NATO. So all Asian countries and other developing countries in the world are being faced with an immediate problem of choosing to join the Sino-Russian system or the U.S.-European system. But there are still many countries that are venturing to stand between the two systems, trying to benefit from both sides. But this is as dangerous as walking a tightrope in the formation of a new bipolar situation and confrontation, which can be extremely profitable when the balance is maintained, but once the balance is lost, it is catastrophic. Singapore is a typical example, China and Russia and Singapore governors are very satisfied with the existing position of the two sides and cheerfully expanded cooperation, the United Kingdom and the United States also turned a blind eye. But the three parties, who know each other very well, are leaving themselves a way out and setting traps for each other. It is different to tell who will make an excellent move and get out of the game right now.

Let's start with the current situation. CCP and Russia, especially the CCP, are very clear about the current position and valuation of Singapore: Singapore is now the same as Hong Kong was in the 1960s and 1970s, which was the biggest pivot and transit center for strategic links between the CCP and the West. Nowadays, Hong Kong has lost its superior competence and position in terms of people, capital, intelligence, and information to communicate with the West, especially the United States. If the Chinese Communist Party wants to continue to launch an over-the-top war against the West, it must have a more convenient channel or intermediary for replacing Hong Kong, or even a more stable and neutral stronghold than Hong Kong. There is no doubt that Singapore is the best choice, and this is quite well understood by both Singapore and the CCP leadership. This scenario is a Win-Win for both sides at this stage. That is why, many Chinese Communist companies and foreign companies in China have moved into Singapore, and the Chinese Communist government has tacitly agreed that a lot of money, talent and resources can go out from China to Singapore. The US and UK-led Western countries, China and Russia, and Singapore all implicitly allow and promote this relationship, which is not only beneficial to all three parties at this stage, but also has advantages for the future layout.

For the CCP: While facing economic decoupling and a massive withdrawal of Western investment, finance, and industries. The CCP needs to delay this decoupling as long as possible, while maintaining access to all aspects of the West. To preserve resources for the coming variety of war confrontations, there is an urgent need for a country that can replace Hong Kong. A not too thick but strong wire to maintain ties with the West is a necessary requirement for Chinese and Russian interests,intelligence and all other aspects. Hence, Singapore is the premier location.

For Singapore: This is a historic opportunity, and Singapore is the only country that can achieve full establishing access to both sides. As long as it is neutral on the surface and balances the interests of both sides internally, Singapore can gain huge economic and political benefits from it. This tightrope is necessary to exist even if there is a complete confrontation between the Sino-Russian alliance and the West. So Singapore can succeed tremendously by mastering the balance, even more safely than to pick a side.

For the U.S.-led West: it must have a country with a system close to its own to be an intermediary. The confrontation also requires some gray transactions, such as intelligence gathering and situation control. But also must be able to basically comply with their own system, and Singapore is preferred among the countries in the Asian region. And Singapore's military defense is basically a U.S. system, which makes the U.S. have confidence in Singapore's power of deterrence. So at this stage, not only will Britain and the United States not condemn Singapore, but will also encourage and help Singapore to accelerate communication with the Chinese Communist Party.

So what will the future look like after the situation is planned? Now Singapore can keep a good balance on the tightrope in turbulent times and will gain enormous benefits and success in a short period of time. But compared to Israel's power and strategic depth in the West, Singapore lacks strategic depth in Asia, geographically, economically and politically. As the bipolar confrontation intensifies, it will inevitably lead to a situation of great ups and downs. It will inevitably trigger the shaking of the tightrope, then the countries and politicians standing on it to play balance will be turbulent with it. In the future it is vulnerable to a huge crisis of the destruction of the country. China and Russia, the United States and Britain, Singapore actually know this very well. And the three parties have prepared a lot of back moves for the future of the critical form of bipolar confrontation in the world, but who is a superior checker depends on the response to the future change.

For Britain and the US: As long as Singapore's military, technological and financial advantages are guaranteed, it can become a pivot point to influence China and Russia against their values and alliances, and make the mainland people desire Singapore as much as the mainland people desired Hong Kong before the 1980s. It is possible to create the same kind of influence that the Chinese Communists had on the Soviet Union during the Cold War, as long as Singapore's dominant position in the development against China and Russia is protected. Weaken the Sino-Russian alliance through consumption, or even cause an internal collapse of Sino-Russia. Then the backup strategy of Britain and the United States to Singapore is to differentiate Singapore from China and Russia in the security, military, intelligence and technology markets. Singapore can only rely on the British and U.S. military security in Southeast Asia in times of volatility, so the United Kingdom and the United States will do everything possible to ensure that Singapore does not completely turn to China and Russia. Chinese and Russian funds, personnel, information and materials that flow through Singapore are equivalent to entering the British and American Western system, and can be tracked and controlled, and can even be sanctioned, frozen or confiscated at critical moments in the future. And Singapore will be one of the few channels to access Russian and Chinese intelligence in the future. The British and U.S.-based Western countries will try to ensure sufficient military power in the South China Sea to guarantee the stability of Singapore and the South China Sea, even when the polarities escalate.

For Singapore: In the future, both China, Russia and Britain and the United States may put pressure on Singapore. Once a major incident occurs due to the power imbalance between the two sides, Singapore must keep two, or even more, hands ready to deal with the unexpected situation. For example, a crisis can be resolved by letting a leader be a scapegoat or a complete change of leadership at a critical moment. For instance when Sino-Russian power grows tremendously to exert oppression, the new pro-China Chinese leadership group now being constructed can step up its operations and start swinging towards China. When the UK and US become strong and need Singapore to take a stand, the new leadership group can be made to take the blame first. The Li family and the pro-British-American group, by operating behind the scenes and coming back to power, can take another step closer to Britain and the United States. As long as they do not completely anger one side, to ensure that this tightrope constantly, and keep a good balance, Singapore will be profitable, not to be destroyed. And China and Russia have a large volume, both sides do not offend. The middle in the profits can make Singapore become the Switzerland of Asia, but also to assemble the wealth and elite of Southeast Asia. As long as the military has the British and American naval forces stationed, coupled with its own military strength to improve, the Chinese Communist Navy is basically powerless to expeditionary attacks on Singapore, then Singapore can rest comfortably on the tightrope to continue to collect and count money.

For the CCP: The future is definitely going to face the fate of decoupling, confrontation and even being sanctioned by the UK and the US. The CCP has been deeply and long laid out for such a ‘distant relative of Singapore’, although at this stage it can be used and drawn in, and must be very competent as a replacement for Hong Kong. But Xi’s regime will never really trust Singapore could help the CCP, no matter how much Singapore guarantees that it will definitely give its full assurance and loyalty to the CCP in secret. But the CCP's gray money, intelligence, sources and information all have to go through Singapore, and since Singapore has a long foundation of British and American blood, a total allegiance to the CCP is definitely not possible. If the CCP wants to have full control of the money, resources and information coming and going through Singapore, it needs to have the means to deal a fatal blow to Singapore at the vital moment. The CCP is aware that Singapore will have strong military protection from the UK and the US, and that the Chinese navy's expedition to the South China Sea is not forceful enough to threaten Singapore. Singapore must not offend and oppose the CCP on the surface, but it will never completely abandon the UK and the US to China and Russia and stand in a neutral zone completely. The CCP will definitely lay and pre-set traps for Singapore on the unrestricted war and other areas, one of which is the most skilled non-military action played by China and Russia. Any country in the Southeast Asian vicinity that has had regional or geographical conflicts with Singapore (For example Malay, Indonesia, and the Philippines all have conflict issues with Singapore). These countries are secretly supported by China and Russia, China and Russia can act as agents or even assistance in the name of disguising local troops to attack. The British and American military has no right, legitimacy or lawfull allowance to interfere with the conflicts between the local countries. As long as the Singapore State machinery is overthrown and seized within a short period of time (within a few weeks before the U.K. and U.S. can be legally allowed to interfere), not only the money and assets exported to Singapore by the CCP but also the assets of other countries will instantly become red (CCP’s) assets just like Hong Kong. Not only no loss, but also a big win. Among them, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even Indonesia may become the CCP's fighters. In addition, Singapore's permanent single-party dictatorship will be very convenient for external powers to control the whole country immediately, which is also one of the ways the CCP can lay out, or, external pressure could be converted into an internal force that the CCP supports to seize government control as soon as possible. Of course, as it was mentioned, Singapore's non-strategic depth also means that the Virus and Public Opinion Override can achieve maximum effect in a short term and help the CCP to take Singapore completely.

Overall, the Singapore government is already laying out the strategy for becoming a neutral country on the tightrope of the new bipolar world, and the government personnel, policies, economic and diplomatic operations are also completely in place, and the results are progressing remarkably well. Very soon, Singapore will continue to profit from the escalating bipolar confrontation between Russia and China, and the United States and NATO, and will earn a huge amount of money and become more and more important between these countries, and become a truly important Asian country, with both fame and fortune. Singapore is pursuing a balanced strategy of wearing a suit inside and traditional Chinese clothing outside. The surface gives full respect and benefits to the CCP, but the core of the system still relies on the British and American system as a security guarantee. As long as both sides keep the tightrope as tight and secure as possible, Singapore can walk on the tightrope and count the money to the point of limpo. However, any profit and any approach related to the evil of asking for the skin of a tiger will face great consequences. Especially now that Russia and China have gained the upper hand in non-conventional and the Cold War paradigm, Singapore's preparations and British and American security guarantees are probably not reacting quickly enough to secure Singapore at the critical moment. Singapore would then face the consequences of falling off the tightrope, and generations of Singaporeans' efforts for independence would be lost, ending up as an overseas ‘Hong Kong’ for the Chinese Communist Party. It is of greater concern that it is not only Singapore, but also many small countries in the middle of bipolarity that will be swayed by the polarizing and political turmoil of such regional localized conflicts. This is one of the future China-Russia's sinister tactics to boost its proxies to dominate various countries and regions.

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