Xi Jinping's Scheme to Conquer the Indo-Pacific

Lyle Brady
July 9, 2022

Xi Jinping's Scheme to Conquer the Indo-Pacific

The Chinese Communist Party, under Xi Jinping's leadership, has been scheming for a long time to challenge the existing international rules together with Russia. It can be traced from Mao Zedong's inscription to the Xinhua News Agency--"The Xinhua News Agency must dominate the world". The major divisions and collision with the Soviet Union during Mao's era of dominance was nothing more than the struggle to be the leader of the Communist camp. But the economic foundation of Mao's dominance was completely ruined by himself, other than that, Mao simultaneously provoked the two most powerful countries in the world, the United State and Soviet Union. Upon entering the 1970s, Mao was cornered in the world, the situation forced him to ally with the U.S. and to counteract the internal strife in the camp of the Soviet Union and his own with his fabricated theory of "three worlds".

After Mao's death, Mao's strategy of attacking out of all directions was replaced by Deng Xiaoping's strategy of hiding the capabilities and biding the perfect time. Deng was very intelligent and smart, he wisely figured out that a poor and fragile country was incapable of beating a rich and wealthy country. Therefore, he made a unique policy for the development of the Communist Party of China: To be ready to "dominate the world", we must wholeheartedly focus on development and building up strength, as well as sticking to the fundamental policy without shaking and waving for 100 years.

After the strategy of refraining from showing the profits CCP has made under Jiang Zemin’s time, and rising peacefully under Hu Jintao’s time the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated deeply into the U.S. system, and the Chinese people have created and accumulated a great deal of wealth by working smartly under Western rules, which also has made the Chinese communist Party the second largest economy in the world.

As Xi Jinping has taken over the top chair of China (We call him the Master Accelerator, who has been speeding up China's backward progress.) The CCP, Under Xi's Leadership, believes that the time of "dominating the world" has come, and that they are finally no longer concealing their ambitions. He was aiming to be the greatest leader in the history of the CCP beyond Mao Zedong!

Based on the relevant disclosures of the LUDE Media, Xi Jinping's steps to "put the planet under control" are approximately as listed below: The first step is to join Russia in a lightning war of aggression against Europe and take over Eastern Europe or even the entire continent. The second step is to take control of the Indo-Pacific region and completely expel the U.S. and other supporting forces from there by besieging Taiwan and framing Japan as a militarist resurgence. The third step is to work with Russia to deploy weapons and set up military attack strongholds in Latin America, Africa and the Pacific Rim around the U.S., so that battlefields will appear around the world and keep the U.S. busy until it is disoriented; The fourth step is to acquire world dominance by attacking the U.S. mainland and co-occupying it with Russia. And the last step is to dominate the world, molding the community of human destiny and becoming the king of the world.

The prior obstacles for the Communist Party of China to dominate the Indo-Pacific region are Taiwan and Japan. Since Taiwan and Japan are well backed by the United States, Accelerator Xi's advisors have drawn up an operational measure according to local conditions.

Ancient China has given birth to numerous masterpieces about the art of war, and the CCP believes that these books of war are very profound.

The chapter of Attack by Stratagem in "The Art of War" is about military offense, in which “the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans; the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces; the next in order is to attack the enemy’s army in the field; and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities. The rule is, not to besiege walled cities if it can possibly be avoided.” That introduces the superior, secondary and inferior strategies in the attacking strategy. It can be simply interpreted that the upper strategy of these tactics is to destroy the enemy's plan, the middle strategy is to destroy their friendship, the lower strategy is to destroy the army, and besieging the city is the lowest one.

In Sun Tzi’s Art of War, the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; Xi's "coercive domination" of Taiwan (through external intimidation and deterrence, internal infiltration and infighting, and internal subversion of the legally election), rather than "unification by force", matches the best policy of "subduing the enemy’s troop without any fight”

On May 28, LUDE Media exposed the Chinese communist regime being in military conflict with Japan by encircling the Senkaku island, taking the bottom strategy of “attacking the enemies and besieging cities.” It can be seen that Xi is determined to win the dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

There were some people on the internet who predicted that "the war between China and Japan is inevitable", and it seems that these kinds of sayings are not empty words. In order to drive the U.S. out of the Indo-Pacific region, the CCP has been scheming for a long time that the Chinese will do everything to start a war against Japan without hesitation.

According to the intelligence source of "LUDE Media", the Chinese Communist Party is trying to “shot accidentally while polish a gun” with Japan in the Skenkaku Islands, and then blame the Japanese army took the first shot towards Chinese soldiers, and eventually the Chinese Communist Party will use the resurgence of Japanese "militarism" as cause: Re-division of Asia, aiming of dominating and enslaving Asia, and the human disaster of the Second World War will return in the resurgence of Japanese "militarism".

At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party will prohibit the United States from joining the military assistance to Japan on the grounds that "this is a Sino-Japanese or Sino-Russian border conflict". The CCP, together with Russia, will mobilize all Asian countries and regions that were invaded, occupied and attacked by Japan in World War II to rally under the Communist Party of China-led Sino-Russia Anti-Japanese War Front and carry out strikes against Japan in order to achieve the first step of the Communist Party of China's ambitious to "managing the world", i.e., taking over the control of the Indo-Pacific region.

This ploy of the Chinese Communist Party is extremely sophisticated and sinister. It can be said that the Chinese Communist Party has learned the essence of traditional Chinese military tactics and strategies, and has perfectly blended the essence of modern marketing promotion, psychology and foresight cognition, and these multiple complex ploys are like a series of combinations to hit Japan with a devastating blow.

By taking advantage of the resurgence of "militarism" to trigger the hatreds of the majority of Asian countries for the crimes committed by Japan in World War II, it can accomplish the division of the majority of Asian countries, and as well as the isolation of Japan, transforming the moral high ground into the military strategic high ground, while also preventing the United States the justification of supporting and helping Japan.

One of the most famous examples of ancient China using morality coupled with a strategic high ground to achieve victory is Cao Cao's "holding the emperor to order the princes" at the end of Eastern Han Dynasty. In the name of the emperor, Cao Cao commanded the country to go to war against those who opposed him.The Chinese Communist Party fully understands this.

Besides using morality to combine strategic high ground, the Chinese Communist Party has also used an even more disguised and detrimental tactic, which is the fourteenth tactic in the ancient Chinese art of war “The Thirty-Six Stratagems"------resurrecting a dead soul by borrowing a corpse.

The original meaning of this ploy is that “Take an institution, a technology, a method, or even an ideology that has been forgotten or discarded and appropriate it for your own purpose. Revive something from the past by giving it a new purpose or bring to life old ideas, customs, or traditions and reinterpret them to fit your purposes.“ Used in terms of military, it is a strategy to utilize and dominate forces that are inactive to achieve their goals. Throughout history, there are very often cases where the descendants of the fallen kings are pushed out to mobilize the country under their names. By this means, the purpose of seizing the country is achieved.

A very famous example is about “resurrecting a dead soul by borrowing a corpse“ was recorded in "The Records of the Grand Historian", When Chen Sheng and Wu Guang revolted in Dazexiang, they rallied the country to raise a great uprising to overthrow the tyrant Qin in the name of the dead Prince, Fusu, and the Great General, Xiang Yan, of the Chu Dynasty.

This time, the Chinese Communist Party is invoking the evil power of "militarism" and resurrecting the soul of "militarism" to arouse hatred of Asians and fight against the brutality of Japanese soldiers in World War II, so that Korea, which suffered from Japanese militarism, and Taiwan, which was occupation and colonization by Japan, have no way back but to team up with the Chinese Communist Party to destroy Japan.

In the case of Southeast Asia, Japan used the same moral and strategic high ground to send troops in World War II, which was to force out the Western colonizers for the people of Southeast Asia. At that time, except for independent Thailand, all other countries in Southeast were British-French and Dutch colonies, and the Philippines was a territory under the administration of the United States. If Japan had not been defeated in World War II, some countries in Southeast Asia would have been grateful to Japan, such as the father of the Burmese nation, General Aung San, ......

There is also Taiwan, where the aborigines have a strong Japanese imperial sentiment, and they lean more towards Japan, as reflected in Wei De Sheng's movie "Cape No. 7". Many Taiwanese would treat the Japanese with the same attitude as the Chinese Communist Party's regime.

But Korea is not uniform easily. Korean conservatives are generally Pro-Japanese, and the reason for this stems from Japan's training and support of the Korean elite during the Japanese occupation.

For this reason, it is not enough for the Chinese Communist Party to have only the moral strategic high ground and the strategy of resurrecting a dead soul by borrowing a corpse. They will utilize the role of infiltration and propaganda at the same time, and use the modern marketing promotion and psychology methods of marketing positioning and capturing mental models to further penetrate the positioning of Japanese "militarism" for Asian countries from the perspective of foresight and cognition, and grasp the mental models of the people in Asian countries, and firmly establish the positioning of Japanese "militarism" in the mentality models of the people by means of progressive promotion and propaganda.

Another significant objective of the strategy of “resurrecting a dead soul by borrowing a corpse” is to erase Japan's role as a normal country with a well-developed constitutional system after World War II, as well as Japan's cultural and economic contributions, and to ignore the compensation and reparations made to Asian peoples for the sufferings of World War II.

In this way, the Chinese Communist Party is playing a double-insurance ploy, which is the "chain of tricks" in the 36 stratagems.

When the Chinese Communist Party unveils this tactic of "militarism", the Chinese Communist Party's killer weapon to take over the Indo-Pacific is released. Of course, corresponding to this plan, we can also propose our own layered reaction tactics! Make the CCP unable to stand on the moral high ground:

  1. In 1950, the United Nations declared the Chinese communist country, which participated in the Korean War under the name of volunteer army, as an aggressor country.

  2. CCP supports Support the Communist Party of Burma and Malaysia in the division of their countries

  3. CCP supports Support North Vietnam's war against Free World South Vietnam's Invasion

  4. CCP supports the Indonesian Communist Party to generate seizure of control and disturbances within the Indonesian country.

  5. Single-handedly supported The Khmer Rouge, supported by the CCP, in Cambodia resulting in a human tragedy of 2 million deaths

  6. The crackdown on Counterrevolutionary, Anti-rightist Movement, Cultural Revolution,Tiananmen massacre, persecution of Falun Gong and other crimes against humanity in the Communist Party of China

  7. Crimes against Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, and the criminalization of anti-humanity and genocide in Xinjiang

  8. CCP has manufactured viral biological weapons and committed a great crime against people all over the world. The coronavirus modified by the CCP’s biological laboratory has claimed over 6.3 million lives worldwide. Manufacturing of the virus, which is a terrible crime against people worldwide.

The eighth point is a fatal one, which directly confirms that the CCP is "the public enemy of all mankind" and "the greatest combination of evil” in the world ,from ancient to modern times.

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