Ding Xia Jue Xin ( To Make up a Determination ) - Xi Jingpin’s Military Term

Lyle Brady
June 9, 2022

Ding Xia Jue Xin ( To Make up a Determination ) - Xi Jingpin’s Military Term

Ding Xia Jue Xin ( To Make up a Determination ) - Xi Jingpin’s Military Term

The word " Jue Xin ( Determination ) " is a common expression, Yet we found it 10 times in the top-confidential voice recording of "5.14 Guangdong Provincial Peacetime to Wartime transition mobilization meeting". These words are expressed to ask commanders to "Make up the Determination". For instance, The primary responsibility of the two command centers of the Guangdong top command organ - The Joint Military-Civilian command headquarter is to "guarantee the commander"s Determination of participating in the war and supporting the front-line" and to "guarantee the commander"s Determination of mobilization". Also at the end of session, The sole document has produced for reporting to superior was the determination report "After the meeting, according to the spirit of the meeting, organize and report our province"s determination to mobilize and fight for defense"

The venue of 5.14 mobilization meeting ( photographer : The LEI )

Ding Xia Jue Xin ( To Make up a Determination ) is literally a normal phrase to express a kind of attitude and emotion of decision. Why is this phrase used so seriously and it became a military term? Maybe we should first review what Xi Jinping has done since he became the top-power of China so that we can feel the in-depth meaning of this term.

So at first, Where does the phrase Ding Xia Jue Xin ( To Make up a Determination ) come from? Since Xi took control of the top-power of the Chinese military ( Chairman of the Central Military Commission ) in 2012, He immediately wiped out his opposition by the anti-corruption movement. Soon after he gathered all powers in his hand and started to change the character of the army. He proposed "To listen to the party"s command, To be able to win battles, To behave in good style" and " To strengthen the party"s leadership, To strengthen the leadership of Chairman of the Central Military Commission(CMC)" which means Xi himself. He asked that the army must absolutely bow to him. After the change the Chinese army became the private army which was commanded and controlled by Xi himself. Then he ordered that the army must take the going out to conquer and winning the battles as the ultimate goal. Xi said that the level of modernization of the Chinese military cannot meet the security needs of the "nation" and there is an enormous gap of military level between the Chinese army and armies of the world‘s advanced countries such as the United States. This army cannot compete with the advanced military force ( US military ).

Xi Jinping"s army parade in Zhurihe

Many times in the military construction conferences, Xi said that "now each rank of commanders in the army are incompetent in commanding. It is mainly reflected in five matters, not being able to check the situation, not understanding the intention of the superior, not being able to make up the combat determination, not understanding the formative array tactics, not handling emergent and special situations" In another word, Hence these five matters are the five expectations to his army.

Expectation 1, Xi hopes that the army should learn to check the situation, because there always be complex power struggles in the Communist Party of China, commanders and officers must be observant and choose the right side of real power.

Expectation 2, Xi needs the army to absolutely obey to him, from tops to grassroots all must clearly and accurately understand Xi Jinping"s wishes and intentions

Expectation 3, All must be able to "Ding Xia Jue Xin" ( Make Up the Determination ), to abandon any fluke of peace and get ready for wars because there must be wars. As long as they listen to Xi"s command the army will win the wars. Every soldier must recognize it ideally and identify it emotionally.

Expectation 4, Xi Jinping didn"t study much, But he is good at chess. He thinks that the strategies of playing chess can be used in military command. He also thinks that the ancient Chinese military tactics - the formative array tactics are the crucial technology to win the offense.

Expectation 5, The army must be able to handle not only the conventional offensive tactics but also the abnormal offensive tactics. Such as pandemic attack, nuclear attack, disguised and weaponized civilian vehicles attack.

PLA Mobile Biological Laboratory - Biological Inspection Vehicle

In short the term "Ding Xia Jue Xin"( To Make Up The Determination ) mean The top command team must be determined to create abnormal tactics, be able to make up their mind to be cruel-hearted and abandon the bottom line of the human being. To do whatever to win. All ranks of commanders and officers must be determined to abandon peaceful dreams instead by preparing for conquest wholeheartedly. Soldiers must be determined to die and give up any illusion that it won"t be wars because "there must be war" Civilians must be determined to support and guarantee the conquest. If necessary, people should make up the determination that their properties will be seized and their children will be recruited as the Military-Civilian Fusion suiside Kamikaze.

For this kind of "Jue Xin" ( Determination ), Since Xi reins, In addition to planning his own supreme power that never expires, what he has done the most and spent the most energy on is reforming the army. His determination is to conquer the world. By his good chessing tactics, The formative array tactic, The weak beat the strong. To conquer those strong military countries such as the USA, UK, Japan and Australia. According to what he said " The most I think about is, Can our army always adhere to the absolute leadership of the party? Can our army go to war, win the war? Are all ranks of commanders able to lead and command fighting?"

Xi assumed the presidency and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission(CMC) in 2013. When he became the controller of China"s top national power. China was in the heyday of global economic integration. And has good relations with all countries in the world, close trade exchanges, strong national strength, and stable people's hearts. The world economy is also in its best situation since the subprime mortgage crisis. In such a peaceful and sweet global climate, As a president, The most he thought about was not to open the country much wider and make the people richer, but whether he can go out to war or not. Of course when people were enjoying the peaceful and rich time, Soldiers and command officers were surely not willing to fight for no reason. Hence Xi especially emphasized that the army must make up their determination to combat and win!

On April 20, 2016, Xi Jinping came to the Joint Battle Command Center(JBCC). For the first time, he became the general commander of JBCC. He sat in front of the huge display screen, looking at the command receiver that could command thousands of missiles. He enjoyed silently simulating the order " Shoot to Washington DC! Shoot to Newyork! Shoot to London! After that, He has become the most frequently used JBCC commander. From there, he personally deployed and personally commanded several military exercises every year, the China-Russian joint military exercise, Wuhan biological attack and defense exercise ( which mistakes led to the global pandemic ) , Xi"an biological attack and defense exercise, and the establishment of China-Russia Alliance etc.

According to Xi Jinping‘s opinion, His army is too far apart from the military power of western developed countries. He knows he can not compete with the United States. From the very beginning he was planning the magic tricks used in chess. He pinned his hopes on a surprise victory like the Hitler"s Blitzkrieg and Yamamoto’s Sneak Attack. So what is Xi"s magic trick?

Xi Jinping pointed out that "As long as all ranks of commanders treat the combat determination as the royalty goal and the ultimate persuasion… to ensure that once needed, we must be able to make the Surprise Foray and Surprise Victory."

The Surprise Foray means attacking resolutely and ruthless, To unleash a lethal attack when the opponent is unprepared, or when the opponent is analyzing and making decisions on the situation. For disputes between modern powers, this means obviously refers to unconventional weapons, or non-traditional unrestrict weapons, such as strategic nuclear weapons, unrestrict bioweapons, and ultra-large-scale suicide terrorist attacks by military-civilian fusion.These magic tricks are low-cost, suitable for China, and difficult to prevent. To successfully organize these magic attacks, The key condition is needed, that is, The Determination.

As for strategic offensive arms, China has never joined the START. On the one hand, They fulfilled the NPT seemingly, on the other hand, they secretly developed and produced a large number of long-range strategic weapons, and stealthily helped North Korea and Iran to deploy strategic nuclear weapons. China also never discloses the actual number of nuclear bombs it has. Whenever the United States publishes an estimate of the number, we always see many media manipulated by the Communist Party rise up to deny it. Recent intelligence shows that China is secretly transporting and deploying long-range missiles by locking down China due the zero COVID policy. As long as the army is determined enough to take the Surprise Foray and use massive nuclear missiles to attack, they will definitely be able to achieve the Surprise Victory. Thus , In the 5.14 confidential voice recording we could hear that they have received the order to " Support the PLA"s Rocket Force pre-deployment " to guarantee the Surprise "Strategic Victory". In another word, They have already "Ding Xia Jue Xin" made up their Determination to resort to Surprise Foray by strategic weapon to destroy opponent ( USA ) promptly to fulfill the Strategic Decisive Victory

As for the Unrestricted Bioweapon, Xi has already attacked the world. He has personally directed and deployed the Wuhan virus attack and defense exercise and released the COVID-19 throughout the world. Those men and women who had implemented the operation all made up their Determination and they might as well hanged for the sheep as for the lamb. Now the virus has aroused the global disaster and Xi is going the whole HOG to exploit as much benefit as he can. Whether the severe harmness of western society and economy or the ruthless control of Chinese society, Xi won. Utilizing the ZERO-COVID policy, he even eliminated his political opponents, and despoiled folk wealth. Without any exaggeration, the COVID-19 is Xi"s first successful exemplification of the "Surprise Foray" and the "Strategic Victory" to US and western advanced countries. Also it is a demonstration of " the weak defeat the strong " and " win without fighting ". It is an example of "Making Up the Determination" for the entire army. But on the other side of the earth, Western people are still arguing about the origin of the virus and the vaccine policy.

As for the ultra-large-scale suicide terrorist attack, We have clearly heard from the 5.14 voice recording of Guandong"s peacetime to wartime transition mobilization meeting that Xi ordered the province to gether and obtain civilian large ships, fishing ships, airplanes, drones and drone ships for weaponizing these vessels and rapidly train civilian and fisherman.

Please check the 5.14 voice recording, at the 27th minute, you can hear that " The task assigned by the Southern Theater Command is to complete 365 ships weaponization (include ro-ro ships)within 45 days. In addition, there are 64 ships occupied by the national departments within our jurisdiction, and 8 ships are literally assigned to our province. " and " which can weaponize 113 ships at one time. And 280 ships can be weaponized within this month in total. "

At the 32nd minute it mentioned " With more than 2,000 pieces of high-tech equipment, 480 drones and 70 unmanned boats are currently in place. Need to catch up to switch control "

Here is a segment of a propaganda video from China media about how they use the ro-ro ship to carry landing crafts.open in new window

In order to maintain its own rule and gain profits, the Communist Party has long kidnapped, brainwashed, and blocked external information on the Chinese people. There have cultivated generations who agree with the system of Collectivism and Leninism. Whether gaining profits from this huge population or using this huge population base to do genetic experiments. It is convenient. Even more, if they convert this huge population to the military-civilian fusion based suicide terrorists, they could make the enemies killing to be frightened. This kind of phenomenon has happened during the Korean war and the Vietnam war. This will cause American public opinion to hate war. Don"t forget that for all dictators, other people"s lives are just tools for themselves.

These magic tricks by Xi Jinping are really incomprehensible and unacceptable to people who are accustomed to civilized and peaceful life. It is difficult for Westerners to believe in both civil and political circles, so they have no countermeasures. It provides the necessary conditions for Xi Jinping"s Surprise Victory. From the success of the COVID-19 attack, it can be seen that for a long time, whoever talked about the virus"s laboratory origin has been defined by the mainstream media as conspiracy theories and misleading information. Just imagine, what would be the effect if Xi Jinping combined these three attacks?

In order for the military to do these inhumane dirty things, the military must have enough " Jue Xin"(The Determination )

Whether it is a strategic weapon, the release of a virus, or a military-civilian fusion suicide attack, it will cause a great disaster that will destroy most of the world and countless lives and civilizations. The participants in implementing these plans must become bottomless, irrational, inhuman, and only obedient machines, which is what Xi Jinping calls "Jue Xin( The Determination )." Because, when they do this kind of evil, they need to do it without hesitation and go the whole hog, in order to win by surprise. And as long as they win the war, they get the right to speak to decide who is right.

Xi said “ In general, modern warfare has indeed undergone profound changes. These changes look dazzling, but there are rules to follow behind them. The fundamental is that the winning mechanism of war has changed “. He emphasized the change of winning mechanism. That means the new principal is to make the “ Surprise Victory “. Based on it, In 2015, Xi newly established the PLA Rocket Force and Strategic Support Force. The rockets are the carrier of nuclear bombs and the strategic support is to support the strategic nuclear attacks.

Then in 2016, Xi Jinping changed the old China’s five military regions which were named by local cities in peacetime to five theaters which were named by five directions of marching out in wartime. In the same year, He officially started the JBCC as the battle command base. Soon after, he newly established the PLA Joint Logistics Support Force ( JLSF ). According to LUDE’s intelligence the JLSF is the pandemic command headquarter in the army used for deploying virus related equipment and implementing operations of bio-attacks and bio-defense.

Xi Jinping proposed that “it is necessary to change from passively adapting to war to actively designing war” . He demands his army continuously create new battle theories and combat methods. That’s why we have found lots of weird military textbooks such as the “Unnatural origin of SARS and new species of viral genetic weapons” , “Biosafety” , “To install missile weapon systems in Civilian ships”. In theory, on the one hand they studied all kinds of despicable tactics that go beyond the bottom line of ethics. On the other hand they studied the loopholes in Western laws and social systems. It fully embodies Xi Jinping's proposal of "shifting from the main focus of confronting enemies to the main focus of containing enemies… locking on the enemy's weak point, persisting the principle that no matter how you fight, I always do my way, be innovative and be flexible… "

On February 3 2019, Xi Jinping signed an order to issue the "Regulations on the Supervision of Military Training of the Chinese People's Liberation Army" to supervise military training in the form of legislation. Supervising military commanders and soldiers to completely eliminate "peaceful accumulated malpractices", and Make Up their Determinations with the ultimate goal of going to war and dying in battle. .

Now let’s go back and look at a few of the term “Ding Xia Jue Xin” from the 5.14 voice recording: The Guangdong military-civilian joint headquarters has two command centers, one is the command and control center, and another is mobilization center. The first important responsibility of the command and control center is to ensure the commander's “Jue Xin” ( Determination ) before participating in the war. According to the practice of political management, this responsibility means the power to supervise, inform, and even execute. If the commander has any kind of "peaceful accumulated malpractices", the commander may face extremely serious consequences.

The National Mobilization Center is responsible for ensuring the commander's determination to mobilize. Participation in the war requires “ Jue Xin “ Determination, but what Determination is needed for mobilization? Obviously, participating in a war is a dirty activity that breaks the moral bottom line, and mobilization is no exception. From other parts of this recording, it can be found that the mobilization task includes many such as the expropriation of civilian materials and resources, including a large number of large ships and private high-tech enterprises and their products, these requisitions are undoubtedly a kind of robbery. If there is no “Jue Xin” ( Determination ) of robbers, how can they start? Once public resentment is aroused, the mobilization task also includes suppressing the work of “Maintaining Stability”. This is again a dirty job that is dehumanizing. If they are not Determined to be cruel, how can the original local officials destroy the economy and people's livelihood they have built themselves?

Xi Jinping's "Ding Xia Jue Xin “ ( Make Up The Determination ) is equivalent to the oath to kill before joining the gang, and it is a sign of joining the Xi's terrorist army; at the same time, “ Jue Xin “ ( Determination ) is an anesthetic and stimulant that helps Xi Jinping to do evil and transcend the bottom line of human nature. He keeps asking his officers and soldiers to “ Ding Xia Jue Xin ” ( Make up their Determination ) , because he needs to see a diabolical loyalty that he wants to turn his complicit people into bottomless machines. Therefore, the final report text of the meeting is nothing but a text of “Jue Xin ” ( Determination ), This determination to swear allegiance to Xi Jinping to the death. This kind of Determination is the resurrection of the determination of the Japanese kamikazes who drove the Zero fighters to the US carriers and warships during World War II!

So far, it seems to me that behind this term “Ding Xia Jue Xin “ ( Make Up The Determination ) lies a deeper, darker, long-planned military expansion plan by Xi Jinping. It represents that the Chinese army has changed from an army whose main task is "defending the Communist Party and suppressing the people" to a Xi's terrorist army with the highest goal of "aggression and expansion and conquering the world" since Xi Jinping's leadership.

SS Ressurection - Xi's Army

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