Analysis of the CCP’s People's War headed by Xi

Lyle Brady
June 10, 2022

Analysis of the CCP’s People's War headed by Xi

the national war mobilization

On May 14th, 2022, Lude Media exposed the internal secret recording of the peacetime to wartime transition in Guangdong Province’s extended meeting of Standing Committee, and also revealed the secret of the new strategy and tactics of the CCP's conspiracy and preparations to start a new people's war against the whole world under Xi Jinping's leadership.

Key word: People’s war, as for CCP, means to use the lives, property and resources of the whole Chinese and overseas Chinese as war’s tools and weapons to start a war.

As for the attacked side, it means to use their people’s lives, property and possession as the targets and results of war strikes to constrain, threaten and force them to surrender.


The peacetime to wartime transition in Guangdong Province is to implement the national mobilization directive from the top CCP leaders headed by Xi for the preparation of the war. This mobilization directive is a dangerous death talisman to Guangdong Province, and even sacrifices the people's property in the whole country. Obviously, in the entire recording of this internal meeting, all people, military and resources in Guangdong Province are only used as auxiliary supplies in the main battlefield to supply and guarantee the winning of the strategic victory. It also means, to guarantee the winning of the strategic victory in main battlefield, Xi mobilizes and orders in advance that Guangdong Province not only devotes all resources, including human and material resources, to contribute to the main battlefield, but also must be prepared to sacrifice the people and resources of the whole province for the victory of the main target and strategy at the critical moment. Guangdong Province, the largest economy and population province in China, must make sacrifices for Xi's strategy. So it’s obvious that the main battlefield and strategy definitely not only refers to Taiwan rather than the United States and the entire Pacific region. And this mobilization directive is a sacrificial directive for all Chinese people, including people in Guangdong Province. To fight against the US, Xi and the CCP have made the preparation to sacrifice all people and poverty in China. To guarantee the implementation of the people’s war, all Chinese people’s lives and property can be used as the weapon to start the world war to fight against the US and the western world in the end. This is an unrestricted strategy that surpasses western countries' understanding of the world war, and the western world hasn’t realized their biggest weakness in the face of the CCP’s new war model.

Source of the People’s War

The People's War is the core key to success for the first generation of the CCP's leaders headed by Mao. Although many of Mao's policies and practices had been questioned and even opposed in various periods, including the criticism of Mao's policies and rehabilitation of officials and party members at all levels after the Cultural Revolution, the major CCP families (including Xi’s family) and high-level officials who were persecuted by Mao made a consensus: the People’s War proposed by Mao is one of the most important key to success for the CCP, and Mao's success in all kinds of internal and external conflicts and his greater power and majesty were all due to his usage of the People's War. Therefore, the CCP headed by Xi still inherited Mao's concept of the People's War at the current stage, and started to expand its internal and external application according to the current situation. The “zero-covid ” policy is an example for the usage of the People’s War.

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In the People’s War for CCP, the most important and fundamental work is how to deceive, kidnap and threaten all Chinese people to become the CCP’s tool and weapon. So, in the history of the founding and movement of the CCP, the mobilization of people in the early stages of the war is the most critical component, which also means it can be deduced the scale and goal of the CCP’s future internal and external war through the mobilization directive and the scale of mobilization. In February 2020, Xi’s speech of the national anti-epidemic mobilization led to the “zero-covid” policy and the movement of removing dissidents nowadays. Xi's national mobilization directive from the recording means Xi is preparing for a war that requires all Chinese to participate in. So this war will not be limited to the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea. The target of Xi's attack requires Xi to focus all China's forces and unite the whole Russia and his evil allies at the same time. Then this target can only be the entire western system of the United States and its allies.

This internal secret meeting in Guangdong Province conveyed the national mobilization directive from the top leaders, Xi. According to the “National Defense Mobilization Law of the People's Republic of China”, article 8 and 9: "When the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security of the country are threatened, the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee decides on national general or regional mobilization in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws. The president of the state issues the mobilization directive in accordance with the decision of the NPC Standing Committee. In article 9, the State Council and the Central Military Commission jointly lead the national defense mobilization work, formulate guidelines, policies and regulations for national defense mobilization work, and submit proposals to the National People's Congress Standing Committee for the implementation of general mobilization or regional mobilization. Organize the implementation of national defense mobilization in accordance with the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the mobilization order issued by the President of the State. When the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security of the country are directly threatened, it is necessary to take immediate response measures. According to the needs of emergency response and this law, the State Council and the Central Military Commission can take the necessary national defense mobilization measures, and report to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. Committee report and at the same time.”

Therefore this national mobilization directive is directly from Xi's top order, which means all decisions conveyed are from Xi's deployment. At the same time, Command Headquarter reports directly to Xi and commanded by Xi in the future.

According to this national mobilization directive, we can deduce that the internal meeting exposed a huge and evil conspiracy– Xi is going to start an unrestricted world war. This plan of the war aims to subvert the existing world order, which can cause a huge disaster to the entire human and the Chinese nation, and even threaten the survival of all humans. At The beginning of the meeting, it’s clearly pointed out that the transition from peacetime to wartime is one of the targets of Xi’s mobilization directive. All high-level officials in Guangdong Military Region and local government discussed the specific implementation and assigned the tasks after the mobilization directive was conveyed. This meeting is a work report submitted by Guangdong Province to the top leaders of the CCP headed by Xi, and it also means Guangdong Province had totally become a war machine and tool under Xi's strategy of People’s War. In addition, Guangdong province quickly established the Joint Military-Civil Command Headquarter, which means that the local government has abandoned the original mode of operation, and had become a quasi-militarized operation model. It can be seen from the detailed assignment of the tasks in the following parts that all governments and related companies had converted to quasi-militarized units. This is a disaster and catastrophe to Guangdong's economy, industry, technology companies, people's lives and properties, and the entire Hong Kong and Macau Region.

First, in the economic aspect, the mobilization directive focuses on converting and incorporating the advantages of economy, commerce and technology in Guangdong Province to the military level. Guangdong Province is the most developed industrial and commercial province in China. After receiving the mobilization directive and starting the transition from peacetime to wartime, Guangdong Province has made preparations to sacrifice its entire economy, companies, technologies and people's livelihood for this war. According to the description of the recording —”Second, the integration of the mobilization of strategic preparation for victory” and “Third, prominent transformation of combat in novel-domains and capabilities potential, to focus on effectively making up for the inadequacy of the military, insist on placing scientific and technological mobilization in a prominent position to mobilize support for front-line preparations.,by the provincial military district in conjunction with the relevant authorities to further explore the conversion the abilities of proper detection and early warning, strengthen the cyber attack and defense, search and rescue, cross-sea delivery the combat in novel-domains and capabilities that is urgently needed for the decisive battle, ensure that the very optimal resources and guarantee the strategic final victory.”, its core meaning suggests the forces and resources of the CCP's military at this stage are far from being able to meet the needs of the new strategy proposed by Xi and the CCP. In terms of manpower, the CCP actually has enough troops that can be requisitioned and mobilized, so the biggest advantage of Guangdong Province is the economy, companies and technology talent resources. As for the strategic victory, it means this mobilization directive is an all aspects mobilization without limits. As the “Third, victory” mentioned above, it clearly pointed out “combat in novel-domains and capabilities potential”, especially referred “placing scientific and technological mobilization in a prominent position to mobilize support for front-line preparations“,which means, in this wartime transition in Guangdong, high tech and high value companies will not focus on economy and development and will be incorporated to military or quasi-militarized units. This may lead to the companies with high output value and tax revenue in Guangdong Province can no longer be able to create economic value, and need to transfuse blood and devote themselves to the new CCP’s war. Briefly, in this wartime transition, Xi has made a policy of “killing the goose that lays the golden egg” in Guangdong Province, and basically and clearly abandons Guangdong's economy and development, and people’s livelihoods are also abandoned inherently. Since the entire Guangdong Province needs to pay such a huge economic price, the cost of the main battlefield and the entire war is an astronomical figure far exceeding ten trillion yuan, and the scale of the war will far exceed the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Second, this is a disaster to technology industries and companies. The Russian-Ukrainian war has shown, once the industries and companies offer their products and technologies to invaders or become one of the weapons and resources of the invasion, it will inevitably be sanctioned and blowed by western world in all aspects, including technology, authority, intellectual property rights, equipment, materials and the market. This is a huge disaster to the high-tech-based companies and industries, which basically leads to the gradual elimination of the entire companies and industries from the world industrial chain. Moreover, many high-tech companies in Guangdong Province are OEM companies and rely on overseas investments, overseas markets and overseas technical support . Once those companies and industries are forced to be mobilized and converted to wartime, overseas capitals, overseas technologies and overseas companies will naturally escape from the Guangdong industry. At the same time, it also cuts off and abandons the future injection of overseas capital and the introduction of overseas technology. The mobilization directive refers “to promulgate policy measures which targeted the war-time. Encourage, guide and support the high-tech,precision instrument, special-designed equipment, up-to-date-tech enterprises in conversion to military oriented and expansion of productions, which are listed in the ‘Combat Novel Domains and Capabilities Potential Resources’”, which means all high-tech industries, and companies in Guangdong are required to completely abandon the normal development of the future and fully serve for the war and strategic victory of the Xi and CCP. China is known as the world's factory. The huge advantages of the industrial and supply chain established in Guangdong can be used as a bargaining chip to prepare for the war according to the mobilization directive. And it also means that the government in Guangdong has decided to completely abandon the future of industries and companies in order to cooperate with Xi's war and strategic victory. For example, as the description “according to the deployment of the Communist Party Central Committee, complying with the requirements of ensuring full production for war requirement, ensuring mobilization military & civil, ensuring absolute victory in warfare, the most urgent and top priority issues are to scientifically plan in all aspects, organize production of all demanded supply for warfare in a measure of fully controlled and gradually enhanced, convert civil manufactures to military controlled manufactures, expand all military-civil manufacture line to stabilize the supply of such productions and materials” referred in the recording, this mobilization directive forces these industries and companies in Guangdong Province to produce, the CCP controls them and levy resources without giving any compensation. Guangdong's technology industry is like the blood bank of the CCP. The CCP only draws blood without supplement. Then the industries established in Guangdong in the last 40 years will only become weaker and weaker until drained and abandoned.

Third, It is also a disaster for the entire people in Guangdong Province, the most populous province in China. As mentioned above, Guangdong's economy and industry will inevitably be weakened and collapsed by the gradual militarization, which will definitely cause a large number of people to lose their jobs, worry about their food and clothing, and have difficulty in their livelihoods. At the same time, “to use a combination of political, economic, administrative, legal and other measures, to guide and help provincial government owned enterprises, leading private enterprises to retain workers and guarantee the required productions. At the same time,alert at all times in preventing cutoff of resources supply and solve the supply chain problems if there is any. Standby more measures in handling mobilization and demobilization, military-civil mobilization in territory China and all territory around the world. Guarantee the supply for important strategic materials and resources” specifically referred in the meeting means a program of population control and enslavement for the labor force in Guangdong. Moreover, it can be seen from this that the CCP has prepared a gradual plan for kidnapping people as the war cannon fodder and victims:

  • Political propaganda. Brainwash and deceive people to work for them.
  • Economical means. Use benefits to deceive skilled people to work for them.
  • Use administrative means to threaten people to work for them.
  • Use violence means to kidnap and arrest people to force them to be obedient and work for them.
  • The higher level—Emergency Management Department. Kidnap and coerce people to work for the CCP through anti-epidemic slogans.

This is basically the reappearance of the dictatorship of anti-humanity and anti-human rights, which also means Xi takes off his mask without scruples for his mobilization directive, promotes crimes against humanity in Xinjiang to Guangdong Province and the whole nation, and makes all people sacrifice for his strategic goals.

In addition, “paying significant attention to the issue of self-defense” and “Adhere to the idea of while ensuring support for the frontline of the war, ensure the military-civil security and stability at same time. Improve prevention of any incident and full control of society activities with tight monitoring and strict enforcement.Start up the Party- government- military- police- civilian joint monitoring-preventing-controlling mechanism ensuring the control of social activities, start up particular measures for wartime management-control system.Use the experiences and practices gained from the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in previous years as a means of converting wartime initiatives in social prevention of incident and well-controlled social activities. Ensure the organized civil activities in commercial and personal, and the stability of the public to create a favorable environment and conditions” was mentioned several times in the recording of Guangdong extended meeting. “The self-defense” and “the organized civil activities in commercial and personal and the stability of the public '' not only refer to the protection against external attacks and spy’s sabotage, it also means more to remind all authorities to strictly control and suppress the ordinary people. As described above, the entire Guangdong Province’s economy, companies, industries, resources of vessels and other aspects will be forcefully requisitioned for the military, and many people will be unemployed and lose their income and basic living security. Many people, who have independent thinking and do not want to be fooled, persecuted and kidnapped by the CCP, may be unable to bear it and hence to protests, demonstrations and even defiance. The CCP knows clearly that there will definitely be situations where the government forces the people to rebel and the people have no choice but to rebel at that stage. Especially in Guangdong Province, due to the long term non-governmental communication with the foreign countries, Guangdong Province has always been the birthplace of the movement against Beijing's centralization. In this regard, the CCP and Xi have made the preparation to deal with violence at the beginning of designating their strategies. So, “the self defense” and “the tight monitoring and strict enforcement” refers to making people unable to resist after persecuting and squeezing people. Xi’s mobilization directive is a disaster and catastrophe for the entire people in Guangdong.


The peacetime to wartime transition in Guangdong Province not only kidnaps Guangdong province’s economy, industry, technologies and people’s property as the target of this mobilization directives, but implies the entire Guangdong Province and the surrounding area become one of the bargaining chips of Xi’s strategy, and even Xi may has planned to self-destruct the entire Guangdong Province to become one of the important methods of strategic victory and delaying the US military. But this will be a disaster for the people and regions of the entire southeastern provinces, including Guangdong.


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