Understanding People's War

Lyle Brady
June 9, 2022

Understanding People's War

The definition of "people" in the Chinese Communist Party does not simply refer to "people," "nationals," "citizens," or " civilians”. The term "national" or "citizen" defines a person living within a country, and stems from Western democratic ideology.This term with democratic ideologies, which allows individuals to have freedom and responsibilities of citizenship under law, has not been recognized by the Chinese Communist Party.

In the Chinese Communist Party's concept, "people '' is nothing more than a political word."People '' has been given a political meaning of hierarchy. The "people '' are the antithesis of the dominant hierarchy, in other words, "people" who are opposed to communism. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin once said, "The people are the necessary elements that can carry the revolution to the end." In the process of the expansion of the CCP, the groups of people involved among the "people '' have been constantly increasing. Mao Zedong was saying that the "people '' were "not only workers, peasants and urban petite bourgeoisie, but also all other individuals of the hierarchy who are willing to work for the National Revolution”. But whoever the "people '' involved, the essence of the "people" will always be an essential element of the Communist Party's organizational system, Which means that the role of the "people" should be a contribution to the party.

As the " people " is a political role, the " people " has its own political obligation, that is, to support the Communist Party, by obeying the Party and doing what the Party demands and following it. The five-star red flag of the Communist Party of China is the embodiment of the "people's" loyalty to the Party. Under the Chinese Communist Party, only the "people" are allowed to exist, not human beings. When someone's behavior is out of the scope of "the people", that person is no longer "the people", but an enemy standing against "the people", an enemy to be denounced and criticized.

The Chinese Communist Party has always put a lot of attention on "the people", Mao Zedong put forward the idea of "serving the people" at an early stage, which was widely believed that it was for the well-being of the people living in the country, this is an extremely misunderstanding of the political ideology of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Communist Party takes advantage of serving the "people", as a political group, to boost the Party's interests and enhance its own strength. For instance, the CCP's support for private enterprises is not for the personal benefit of the owners or employees in these private enterprises, instead, the CCP uses it to strengthen itself by serving the "people" as a group belonging to its own organization. To be clear, "serving the people" is for the CCP's own benefits, and has nothing at all to do with the ordinary people.

How exactly does the CCP understand the importance of the "people" as a political group to them? "The deepest root of war's power," Mao Zedong states in “The Militia is the Basis of Victory". "Extensive and enthusiastic political mobilization, then, it is quite easy to recruit millions of people into the military ....If the people are mobilized, there will be no issue with the finances. How can a country with such a vast land and many people suffer from financial poverty? As for the importance of "the people", Xi Jinping has also said that "the people" are the foundation of the party's authority. It is about the existence or extinction of the party.

By looking at what the "people" are and the importance of the "people" in the CCP organization, not surprisingly, it is quite easy to tell that the survival and the fate of the CCP is highly dependent on the "people". The CCP is a parasitical party that must stick to the "people to survival".

The CCP is an extremely rigorous and huge organization. It does not matter where the individual is, what kind of person they are, or whether they want to be part of the organization, they must be a part of the Party, as long as any individual falls within the scope of its political concept by the CCP.

It is very challenging to demand that individuals classified as "people" must support the Party, primarily because each individual has an independent will and a natural desire for freedom in his or her blood. Becoming the " people " is actually the elimination of each person's innate independence. To ensure that the will of people not be scattered, it is absolutely required to continuously brainwash for a long period of time, while constantly intimidating everyone with fear, so that everyone, under the shadow of fear and brainwashing, and after losing themselves, they will voluntarily or by force stand in the group of the "people" eventually. On the surface, it seems that the "people" team is quite powerful and numerous, but on the contrary, it is a huge drain on the human, material and financial resources of the Chinese Communist Party to manage and sustain the "people". However, the majority, especially nowadays, are negative and unwilling to support the Party. Therefore, mobilization is doubly important, and the CCP must do whatever it takes to ensure that the "people" will go through fire and water for the CCP’s political interests, because that is the essential step to determine whether the CCP will succeed or not.

Furthermore, although "people" is a political concept, the term "people" is never clearly defined to refer to their "people" in the Communist Party. The majority of the Chinese Communist Party's "people" think that the word refers to people/human, representing the fundamental interests of each individual.The Chinese Communist Party surely understands that if they make clear the true meaning of "people", people will know what they really are. Hence they have been living peacefully and tranquilly for a long time, barely conscious of their political obligations. When the CCP demands the "people" to stand up for the Party, the "people" have no idea how to stand up. It is time to mobilize the "people" to engage in the Party's political wars or conflicts. After a long period of brainwashing, the concept of Party and Country was blurred in everyone's perception, as well as there was no distinction between self-interest and Party interest for them. Furthermore, the Chinese Communist Party's bullying and coercion, together with brainwashing and mobilization, either drove the "people" into the battle with enthusiasm, or forced them into it under compulsion, or they disappeared due to resistance.

Once we understand what "the people" are and the relationship between the CCP and "the people," it is not difficult to recognize the people's war. This is a tactic to mobilize all people who can be used to participate in the CCP's war. By disguising the "people" as civilians generally considered by the international community, in order to confuse the Western world, contain the Western world, use the Western laws of protection civilians as a shield to win the war against Western armies.

Western countries would be astonished and confused why people in China give themselves out like property for the direct use of the CCP. In their citizenship mindset, personal property is inviolable as a minimum social norm, they will never understand in the Chinese Communist Party that no one belongs to themselves. They are deprived of the basic right to be a human being, but instead they are treated like political tools, and ready to sacrifice their life for the benefit of the CCP.

Despite the seemingly powerful and huge organization of the "people," and the "people" themselves are actually the CCP's most fatal weakness. Because they are a parasite living with the " people ", but the " people'' are not entirely controllable. As I said before, it is the innate nature of every individual to yearn for freedom. No one can control everything, even with strong power and weapons. About two years ago, when the Chinese raised the idea of "lying on our back"(It refers to no longer serving the Party and no longer being enslaved), CCTV was against it at first time. Why are they so afraid of lying on our backs? It implies that the "people" on whom they are living refuse to be "the people" any more. When Mr. Ma (Twitter Name: Ya Ya ) declared his declaration of independence, one person and one piece of paper makes the Chinese Communist Party extremely terrified, because the independence of each person is the most powerful weapon to destroy the Chinese Communist Party. Without the "people," the CCP is without the cornerstone to survive on. Although the CCP is deeply infiltrating Western society, the civilization of the Western world is bringing long-lost manna to the souls of those who have been caged for a long time. Awareness and freedom are gradually penetrating into this land, which has been blanketed by the Red Terror over a long period of time. Many people, when faced with the powerful Chinese Communist Party's intimidation, always say, "What can I do?” This answer is doing nothing, each person's resistance to being a “people” from the heart is a powerful rebellion.

We have to let the West know what "the people" are and what the people's war is, but also to let the Western world know that the Chinese also have a desire for freedom in their blood. The Chinese are being used and forced into the category of "the people". It is important for us to let Western society know that the CCP is about to have a war against the Western civilization. At the same time, we need to figure out a way to wake up the "people" and help the "people" back to their human nature.

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