Lyle Brady
June 11, 2022



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Christy is a member of the Lude Media Institute. After working in the government sector of the CCP for 5 years, I abandoned government and became a businessman as I failed to adapt to and imitate the hidden rules of the CCP. After more than 10 years of struggle in Beijing, I found that I still had no way to escape from the dark rules of the Communist Party. Unwilling to sell too much of my soul and humanity for the sake of profit, and unable to be bottomless in terms of money, especially not willing to let my children grow up in such a dirty place, I chose to emigrate.

When I was abroad, I realized that the Red Devil of the CCP had infiltrated and corrupted the whole world! There was no place to escape. From 2017, I accidentally touched Luther Live, and realized that there was still help for this country, along with people like Mr. Luther who persisted in his faith, so I took Luther Live as my must-do homework everyday in the morning and evening. Although English is not my major, but after more than 10 years of experience in the CCP from the bottom to the bottom, I do understand what this organization is like and how obscene the people in this organization are. I simply wish to show the world the devil of the CCP and the sufferings of the Chinese people, therefore I am trying my best to pass on the truth! No desire for immediate democracy and freedom, I only want to fight for the innate human rights that people deserve as a human being on that land.

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