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June 8, 2022



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Mr. Focus

Mr. Focus is a member of LUDE Media Institution, an enthusiastic promoter of the process of freedom and democracy in China. He has long been devoted to creatively collecting and analyzing the current affairs and important information of the Chinese party, government and military, and is deeply concerned about the traceability of the COVID-19 virus.

Mr. Focus has an ancient family capital background in China. There are many famous businessmen in Chinese history in his family. He also served in the Chinese government. He was deeply influenced by the Tiananmen 64 Incident in 1989. Mr. Focus decided to give up politics and go into business. He has successfully operated and managed a number of enterprises in the construction, engineering consulting industry, brand management and advertising services industries, and his service cooperation entities include many well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises and Chinese government departments.

At present, with his more than 30 years of career and senior experience in China's political and business circles, Mr. Focus is fully committed to providing very professional and in-depth Chinese intelligence analysis and interpretation for the Lutheran think tank.

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God Reigns

Christian musician, has been focusing on the translation and text collaboration of LUDE Institution, participated in the translation of "Lei( The Thunder of LUDE Media )"'s important information Top Secret Recording of “Peacetime-to-Wartime Transition Mobilization meeting in Guangdong", and has long-term translated and produced the video of Dr. Li-Meng Yan's tour speech around U.S., assisted in the translation and production of information related to the event of Mr. Ya Ya arrest.

Also, he is keen to engage in music composition related to universal values and Christian religion. He has produced many excellent music works, including the songs "Sing It To Hong Kong", "Flapping Wings - Dr. Li-Meng Yan", "COVID-19 The Song" etc.

He was once suppressed by the Communist government for his career related to personal religion. He was forced to close down the church and worship training school, and disperse students. But he firmly believes that God Reigns and keeps praying for Chinese freedom and the rule of law, and is actively involved in practical matters. He will continue to serve and support scholars and experts of LUDE Institution.

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Mr. Feifan

Invited author of LUDE Institution, long-term focus on historical cultural studies and comparative studies of Eastern and Western cultures, advocating the positive role of Hebrew civilization and Greek civilization in the progress of human society, and committed to promoting the rule of law and constitutional system based on logic and rationality in China , identify with universal values based on independence, freedom and democracy.

Mr. Feifan once worked in a central enterprise under the Communist Party of China, mainly in the telecommunications industry. Later, he chose to run his own business independently, and successfully set foot in the advertising industry and marketing-related industries. In-depth understanding of China's social conditions and the control and infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party at the socio-economic level in China.

At LUDE Institution, Mr. Feifei will continue to focus on changing international relations and geopolitics from a strategic perspective, and will bring in-depth analysis and research results to everyone.

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Dr. Mo

Dr. Mo is a current affairs critic of LUDE Media. In 2020, he began to be an anchor in the daily LUDE Media online live program. His sharp and profound analysis on China's social issues and Communist Party politics left a deep impression on the audience.

Dr. Mo is a material scientist, but because of his sense of responsibility to the Chinese society, he has been devoted to researching and criticizing the mistakes and problems of the CCP dictatorship. He hopes to awaken the self-awareness and thinking in the hearts of more Chinese people through live broadcasts, and awaken the Chinese people and awareness of Western universal values such as independence, freedom, and democracy. Dr. Mo first appeared in the public at the end of 2019. As a guest, he began to participate in LUDE Media's current affairs review, and began to share and spread his understanding and analysis of the CCP's dictatorship. His unique thinking analysis and logical perspective are deeply loved by the audience. And he gradually became one of the anchors of LUDE Media.

Dr. Mo takes the future of Chinese people in the world as his own responsibility, and tries his best to spread the truth through live review, articles and other forms. In January 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Mo was the first to disclose to the world the inhibitory effect of the traditional quinoline drug-hydroxychloroquine on the novel coronavirus through the LUDE Media program, which had saved many lives. At Next stage, in addition to the political review program of LUDE Media, Dr. Mo also participates in the writing of LUDE Institution, and continues to provide professional and in-depth analysis and research results for everyone.

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Mr. Bobby

Scholar and researcher of LUDE Institution, Guest host of LUDE Media. In the 1990s, he served in the Chinese military as a confidential clerk of the command. He received the military's high-level "secret professional training and assessment of plaintext keys and ciphertext keys", and personally participated in the writing of several levels of the Chinese military. He is very familiar with the language and content logic of the internal documents of the Chinese army, and is good at deciphering them.

During his military career, Mr. Bobby was seconded to higher-level military agencies on several occasions, and participated in the writing of many major military missions and high-level conferences. When former Chinese Premier inspected the army camp, Mr. Bobby served as his temporary confidential clerk.

After Mr. Bobby retired from the army, he worked in an enterprise affiliated to the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and then left to become a businessman and run his own business.

Mr. Bobby devoutly pursues his personal religion, and has devoted himself to the study of Islamic beliefs for a long time. He has written more than a dozen academic articles such as "Analysis of Islamic Religion", "Exploration of Islamic Sufism", "The Theoretical Foundation of Sufi Mysticism", "The Essence of Arabic Alphabets" "Explanation", "Explanation of the Principles of the Islamic Trinity", "On the Importance of Sihai Sea Reclining Force", "Explanation of Fragments of the Commentary on the Habaena Sutra", and he is enthusiastic about missionary work.

During this period, Mr. Bobby personally experienced the Communist Party's long-term infiltration, use and suppression of the religious community, as well as the persecution of Muslimss. In particular, the arbitrary arrest, detention and killing of Muslims in Xinjiang, the double annihilation of religious believers, the threat to their families, and the wanton trampling on the democratic demands of the people of Hong Kong have aroused Mr. Bobby's serious attention and desire for freedom and democratic values, and finally he decided to participate in the work of LUDE Media and the LUDE Institution, hoping to expose the destruction of Western liberal values by communism through his own experience and understanding of the Chinese military.

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